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48 Hours Fatal Crossing

A baby, her pregnant mother, missing on a cold icy night. Her husband talking about conspiracy theories. A open Bible with the words “the first born son is to be sacrificed” highlighted with a marker are what nightmares are made of. CBS 48 Hours Fatal Crossing is the catapult Vicky Hall needed to prompt authorities to re-open the death investigation of her daughter Kadie Major.

Kadie Major was living the life she wanted. She married her high school sweetheart, Aaron Major and they were starting a family. In 2007 they welcomed their first born daughter, River Lynn. Kadie enjoyed being a homemaker raising her daughter while her husband worked with her father. It was the perfect life and found out she was pregnant again.

Living the live she always wanted Kadie was happy to find out she was having a boy. She had already picked out a name for him, Aadon. Little did Kadie know that day of joy would fade away and become the last day of her life. 48 Hours Fatal Crossing details the 11 year quest for justice that Kadie’s mother Vicky Hall had been fighting for.

48 Hours Fatal Crossing

It was a chance meeting, a mom fighting for justice and a true crime producer for 48 Hours on CBS. In 2015 seven long years after Vicky’s world came crashing down she met Ryan Smith a producer for 48 Hours. Vicky told him the details of Kadie’s death and her struggle for getting justice. Ryan and Vicky would soon form a relationship that would open doors Vicky tried so hard to open for years.

The 48 Hours episode “ Fatal Crossing” investigates the death of Kadie and her 9 month old daughter River Lynn. At the time of her death it was quickly ruled a suicide. In the episode Peter Van Sant interviews Vicky Hall as well as the detective that was assigned to the case back in 2008. The detective is of the opinion that Kadie killed her daughter and herself that night. Vicky along with her private investigator Jessica Sanders do not believe Kadie killed her daughter then herself. They believe that Aaron Major killed Kadie and River.

With the help of the producers at 48 Hours the case has been re-opened. Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis said Aaron is a suspect in the death of Kadie, River, and Aadon. Anyone with information potentially relevant to the investigation please call the task force hotline at (843) 719-7700. There is a $25,000 reward. Watch 48 Hours Fatal Crossing for all the details regarding the case.

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