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Kadie Major Part 1

“The Last 48 Hours”. …11 years ago… (January 16th, 2008) Kadie Lee Major and River Lynn Major were found deceased adjacent to a railroad track in Berkeley County off of Oakley Rd by a railroad worker performing maintenance work.

Her truck was later found approximately 1/2 mile from their bodies parked half heartedly in a residential driveway. This area is approximately 1 mile from Kadie’s parents home.

This area is very dark and desolate. That night it was a cold ice rain.

The day before, January 15th, 2008

Kadie had an appointment to find if she was having a boy or girl. She brought River Lynn over to our house for us to babysit.
She did ask to speak to her father about some concerns she had of Aaron, her husband, which i will discuss at another time.

When she returned from the appointment, she had a huge smile on her face as I watched her get out of her vehicle from my kitchen window anxious to hear the news. I had my precious grand daughter River Lynn in my arms. The big news… it’s a boy. Aadon Robert Major.

Her phone was broken so she used my phone to call Aaron’s mother to share the news.
Thinking Aaron’s Mom (Rahnda Major) would be excited she was having a baby boy because as i shared earlier Aaron Major her husband was the last Major to carry on the Major name. But when Kadie told her she was expecting a boy, she said, back to Kadie, ” Oh, i was hoping for a girl”. Kadie and I found this very odd. Then an argument pursued about Aaron’s Mom keeping River Lynn on an overnight stay. Kadie told , Aaron’s Mom that she would not be keeping River Lynn on an overnight stay. Aaron’s Mom was arguing that she already had a crib….

Next, Kadie, used my phone to call her father to tell him the news. Her Father was elated to be having a grandson! We were all so excited. Our first grand son.

Sarah, Kadie’s younger sister was also present. We helped Kadie pack up and carried River Lynn to the vehicle.

This is the last time Sarah and I saw them alive… We were all so elated and happy!!! All we can do is cherish them memories!!!

I did later talk to Kadie on the phone that evening… Still excited!!!

I will post more tomorrow and continue telling details about” The Last 48 Hours”
Love and miss them dearly!!!

I can tell you with every ounce of strength i have that Kadie did not commit suicide nor take the life of River Lynn or her unborn son Aadon. Im still waiting for Kadie’s husband and his parents to prove me wrong. It would be easier to except a suicide than for them being murdered by the person who was supposed to love and protect them.
Im hoping against all hope that Aaron and his parents will go talk to Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office cold case Detectives. Answer their questions. Take a lie detector test.
If you have ANY information please call BCSO’s hot line
843 719 7700

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