Justice For Kadie & Her Babies
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Fatal Crossing 48 Hours CBS

Fatal Crossing

Truth and justice for Kadie, River Lynn and Kadie’s unborn son Aadon.

CBS news, 48 Hours has been investigating the case and has aired the story. We are still looking for answers and are hoping someone will come forward with more information. 

Justice for Kadie & Her Babies

On January 17, 2008, the bodies of Kadie and River Major were located near railroad tracks off of Oakley Road in Berkeley County. Days later, investigators concluded the two were hit by a train during an apparent suicide.

“We have uncovered information that initially it was believed Kadie was suicidal, I can tell you that is not the case,” Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis said. “We’re looking at everything, we are all open-minded about this case and where it takes us, still some work to do.”

BCSO under Sheriff Lewis’s new leadership are reinvestigating the case and do not believe it was a suicide. A full investigation is still under way, SLED, SC Department of Transportation and Charleston County are also assisting the investigation.

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The Suspect

Aaron Major Interview

So hard to watch, a son-in-law I trusted, so clearly guilty, yet set free, he should been in that interrogation room by Friday the 18th at the latest. Not the following Thursday i believe the 24th after his surgery. Sadly wasn’t asked about his hand either.

Sheriff Lewis

The sheriff was asked if Major was a person of interest in the case.

“Right now, he is,” Lewis said. “And again he is not the only person of interest, we are casting a wide net to ask people to come forward; persons of interest can be someone who we want to talk to or need to talk to.”

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Investigate & determine if Police Chief Ollic is competent to protect Moncks Corner, SC

The investigation into the death of Kadie Major was totally botched by the investigators.  48 Hours showed the incompetence.  Now he’s the Moncks Corner Police Chief. We the people of Moncks Corner have no faith in his ability to run the department competently.    Ollic stating. “ I do not recall” is what a lawyer tells anyone to say if they feel the answer will cause them to look bad. Or incriminate them!! Ollic also had officers thinking Kadie’s mom was crazy.  Then the wrong train was looked at.  Then no investigation into the husbands broken hand.  Refused to answer or acknowledge dozens of emails from the mother of Kadie Major. The citizens would like town council to review the case, the interview and see how Ollic failed. Did he just go along with the coroner who came up with a quick reason for her death without doing a full investigation.   His position as the Chief of Police now in Moncks Corner is a direct reflection of incompetence in that position.  Not very assuring for the citizens. Sign the petition.

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Berkeley Count Sheriff's office - Bring in SLED & FBI on this case to investigate

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