Justice For Kadie & Her Babies
Crime Stoppers +1-843-554-1111
3 years ago
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Berkeley Count Sheriff's office - Bring in SLED & FBI on this case to investigate

3 years ago
Kadie Major Death Investigation Re-Opened

Visit the website for more information and please share link....
Thank you everyone for your prayers and support! 🙏❤️💞


Kadie Major death investigation re-opened. Ruled a murder suicide but things just don't add up. Justice for kadie and her babies. Keep up with the investigation

3 years ago

Just watch the episode. Keep fighting for answers and justice for your daughter and grandchildren! That’s what a mother does. Prayers for you and the family💕💕💕🙏🙏

3 years ago
WATCH NOW: "Good Cop/Bad Cop"

A good friend of mine messaged me last night and told me to watch this episode. So i did last night. Very inspirational. Started out with a bad detective. But then the case got a new Sheriff! ... See more

3 years ago
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Berkeley Count Sheriff's office - Bring in SLED & FBI on this case to investigate

3 years ago
Berkeley County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Lewis and his staff are continuing to show the Nation that there is a new BCSO! Out with the old and in with the new...whew!
Can't wait to see more cold cases solved. It's coming soon! ... See more

"You asked. We Listened Tune in Friday on A&E!



First Episode Airs Friday, November 15

(Moncks Corner, SC) – Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis ... See more

3 years ago
Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office to join Live PD

Not sure if Live PD could help, Vicky, but it couldn’t hurt to try and reach them while they’re in BC! Praying for y’all every day! ♥️

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office is joining one of the most popular shows on cable television.

3 years ago

"that" Rick Ollic is a disgrace to hunanity. eat a bag of doo doo for letting that guy get away with murder. And you are officially the face of idiot moron. I cant believe the ignorance and lack of ... See more

3 years ago
48 Hours

Please keep sharing...
Call if you have info.
Crimestoppers Anonymously
Or BCSO tip line 8437197700

A mother searches for answers after her daughter and granddaughter are found dead near train tracks. What happened?

Peter Van Sant investigates Saturday, 10/9c. https://cbsn.ws/2EACll7

3 years ago

I am so outraged by this story and how the cops especially Rick Ollie bumbled this whole thing! I do not know anyone personally involved with this case but would love to help with anything I can to ... See more

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