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Kadie Major Part 10

Before i continue on from part (7) at the funeral home. I’d like to fill in some more blanks.

A lot of you are asking the same question I have asked and still do for 11 years now, how could this have happened?

Someone even said, Ray Charles could have seen this wasn’t a suicide.

I’m still trying to figure this out today. I’ve been told, Aaron’s grandfather was a preacher, at Ashley River Baptist Church. He had already died before this happened. Pastor Fritz Young, was mentored by Aaron’s grandfather and interned under him for years is what I’ve been told. Aaron’s parents took him to Pastor Fritz Young after he gave his statement, January 17th, 2008.

Again, the first time I hear from Aaron’s Mom is the next day, Friday, January, 18th, 2008 after they were found deceased, Thursday, January, 17th, 2008, telling me Pastor Fritz says we don’t have to answer the Detectives questions and don’t tell the Detectives what Aaron is talking about. (Religious and government conspiracies.).

Of course I told the Detectives everything I could! All of Kadie’s family did. We had nothing to hide.

From here we have a Coroner walk in ( Friday, January 18th, 2008) and decided it was a suicide. I’m not sure the autopsies were even completed. The record shows they were started that morning at 9:00 am. This is now sometime early afternoon.

Walking in with Coroner Bill Salisbury was Captain Ric Ollic and new Det. Brian Mosier.

Captain Ollic was obviously agreeing with the suicide ruling. He made no contradiction statement in front of Kadie’s father or I. Captain Ollic is now Chief of police for Moncks Corner.

I’m going to attach two news articles about Ric Ollic. One calling him a true Minister’s son.


So we have Pastor Fritz Young who was mentored by Aaron’s grandfather, and Im asking myself if there is another connection that takes this to another person that allowed this to be ruled a suicide and swept under the rug?

I’m still wondering if there is another connection between Fritz, Aaron’s Grandfather Rev. Robert Major and someone else with connections to the Coroner’s office or sheriff department?

I had a lady messaging me that knows about Aaron’s Grandfather and Pastor Fritz ‘s close relationship. Just trying to connect the dots from Fritz to anyone else. Is there a connection? Was there a cover up or just pure lazy and incompetent police work led by Captain Ric Ollic?

Why did the Captain Ric Ollic go along with the suicide ruling? Why did Coroner Bill Salisbury rule it a suicide?

I have read news articles which show Coroner Salisbury having a mentoring role in Captain Ollic’s career into the sheriff department.

One of them should have seen there was more to the husband’s story. The husband would always be number one suspect, but they take his word, and don’t even get a statement from Kadie’s father, brother’s, and mother, on record. Who all saw or talked to her that day.

They won’t go talk to Kadie’s gynacologist who saw her the day before?

No statement from Aaron’s mother, who was the last phone call. No statement from Aaron’s father either.


I hope one day, that then, Captain Ric Ollic will brief me on how this happened. And Why?

And my one question to then, Captain Ric Ollic and then, Coroner Bill Salisbury, is, “if this was your pregnant daughter and granddaughter, found down a dark desolate railroad track, is this how you would have conducted investigated”?

I think that’s a fair question!

I will pick up next week on part (11).

Thank you for your prayers and support! Please keep sharing! Information is posted on page about $25,000 reward for person coming forward with information leading to an arrest and conviction.

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