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Kadie Major Part 11

Viewing day…

All I remember was wanting this to go away. Pleading with God to make this not be real. The families were to be at the funeral home hours before the public viewing.

I had no idea how I was going to face this reality of having to walk up to the casket. The casket we had picked out just the day before and now see my daughter, Kadie, and my granddaughter, River Lynn, laying there in it.
My Mom, Kadie’s, grandmother went ahead of me as I sat on the bench, frozen and paralyzed! I could hear my Mom weeping loudly.
I just couldn’t find the strength to go in the room. Kadie’s Dad Jeff and my brother Ken came and got on both sides of me and held me up and walked me in to see them. I so bad with everything in me wanted this not to be real. Please let me wake up from this nightmare, I pleaded with God. Let it be a bad dream. But this moment made it real.

An open casket but yet suicide by a train. Not a scratch on Kadie’s beautiful face. And the newspaper had reported the Coroner saying, no visible injuries to River Lynn, but yet a large lump on her forehead. We were all so upset to see this.

The next hours were spent greeting the hundreds of people who came to show their love to the family and say their good byes.

There were many awkward moments. Aaron, his Mom, Dad, sister and a few of their relatives stayed on opposite side of us.
It seemed like Aaron was guarding the casket. Aimee, Aaron’s sister was friendly and loving towards Kadie’s family. She appeared grieved by all she was witnessing. Just flying in from California.

I remember trying to be strong. I stood greeting, overwhelmed and so thankful for all the people who came. I see Kadie’s siblings so distraught. I’m their Mom, they need me. And I’m broken. And I see all this pain and I can’t fix it. I can’t take it away. Mom’s like to say everything is going to be okay. I couldn’t say that because how how could I?

I was fighting battles hours before this no one should have to fight. No one knew, i was having to fight as they came to say their good byes.

Kadie’s wedding rings were found in her pocket during the autopsy. Aaron had insisted, they be put back on her. I knew if Kadie had her wedding rings off, there was a serious reason for. I told Aaron, if she took her rings off they should be left off. Nope, he put them back on.

This will be hard to write. But I found out Aaron wanted Aadon his unborn son displayed on top of Kadie for public viewing. I fought this with Aaron and also called the funeral director. I told Aaron, that Aadon was unborn and should be left that way. I never heard of such a thing. Kadie was 20 weeks pregnant when this happened. What is wrong with Aaron, I couldn’t comprehend! I was able to get this madness stopped.

Aaron acted like he didn’t know us. Aaron’s Mom was cold. His Dad was loud, overheard saying, maybe Kadie was taking LSD by one of my brothers.

Well, at least Aaron didn’t get his private graveside funeral with only him in attendance. Hundreds of people came as Kadie and her babies were well loved….

Thank you to everyone who loved us through it…..

I’ll pick up on the next day, the funeral….
I love you Kadie, River Lynn and Aadon. You remain beautifully tucked away in our hearts! But our hearts truly will always be broken in that spot missing you all. But just until we see you again!
Kadie, River Lynn and Aadon deserve truth. Kadie DID NOT kill herself and her babies. All who love them deserve truth and justice. Keep praying! Keep sharing! God bless

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