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Kadie Major Part 12

The day of the funeral, January 21st, 2008. It was also Martin Luther King Day! Both honoring and in memory of lives taken to soon!

We arrive at the funeral home for the private family gathering to say their last good byes before the casket is closed.

Kadie has many, many family members that flew in from all over the USA. So it was standing room only.

When I walked in i was immediately approached by Aaron’s mother that Aaron has requested he be alone when the casket is closed. Im thinking, “over my dead body!”

We were all grieving. Many relatives there and he’s requesting we all leave. Im thinking, no, this can’t be happening. Why can’t we all be together and this be normal?

This moment is relentlessly difficult! So when the moment came, I sat in a chair in the room where Kadie, River Lynn and Aadon were. Aaron was up at the casket. His mother came and pointed her finger in my face and said, “I told you, Aaron wanted this time alone.” I said, “then you better call the police, because Im not leaving, they will have to drag me out of here and arrest me.”

So she left and I silently, to my self, knew Kadie would be so proud of me for standing up to Rahnda Major.

Aaron had the funeral lady cut a chunk of Kadie’s hair off for him as a souvenir. Im sorry but that was so upsetting. Still to this day, I don’t understand why? Maybe its just me, but i found that so odd. Kadie had beautiful hair and to cut a chunk out.

Nothing, just nothing has nor probably ever will make sense since that moment Aaron came to our house at 1:44 am.

So we go into the Chapel,. And I can tell you it was standing room only. It was overflowing with friends and family of Kadie’s side ( and her babies) to show their love and respect.

We ended up with two Pastor’s which I will try to summarize. Aaron and his family had Pastor Fritz Young and us ( Kadie’s family had Pastor Cal Wood).

Aaron and all his religious and government conspiracies that he just started talking about the night he showed up at 1:44 am. He was saying that Pointe North Church was part of a conspiracy preparing the way for the anti Christ. So he wants Pastor Fritz Young. I will give more information at another time. We insisted on our Pastor, Kadie’s Pastor who had baptized River Lynn to speak at the funeral. So there were two Pastors.

It was a beautiful, heart wrenching service. Nothing ever making sense.

Our family and friends gathered afterwards at my house. Not long into the evening, Aaron shows up.

Kadie’s uncle Ken, her Aunt Fawn and myself talked with Aaron for hours. Trying to get information from him. The police told us don’t let Aaron know we suspect him, when this first happened. So we kept calm and talked and listened. If we only had thought to record him. Or did we???

One thing that sticks out is Aaron told us he had three choices to carry on his life. He said he had enough money not to work for a while, or he could expand his business or he could move away. Its like he already had this all planned. He was already planning his future. Most people, i think, would say, i don’t know how i will go on. Not already worked out three options.
No grief. No sadness.

This would be the last time we would see Aaron as a family member. He had his surgery for his broken right hand, i believe the next day. Our family couldn’t play along any longer and Aaron now knew we suspected him.

Kadie’s Dad let him know he would no longer be working for him.

I will Cont’d from here on the next several days…

Thanks for your prayers and support! Please keep sharing!
Call BCSO hotline with any information you can provide..

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