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Kadie Major Part 2

The Last 48 Hours, cont’d….

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Started like any other day! Little did we know the worst nightmare that still effects everyone who knew and loved Kadie and her babies, everday!!! Its like a nuclear bomb went off and the fall out continues… But by the grace of God, we carry on!

As you may remember I mentioned in my previous post that Kadie talked to her Dad while here at her parents house concerning her husband Aaron Major. Aaron worked for Kadie’s father painting apartments as a sub contractor. She asked her Dad if he could help Aaron at work. She said she was concerned that he was very stressed out. Her Father said, yes!
So Jeff, Kadie’s father made arrangements to go to Aaron’s job site in North Charleston and brought three other workers to help Aaron. Two of them being Kadie’s brothers, Jeremy and Jesse.

The only thing I can say is the day did not go well for Aaron. Jeff found out some money issues with Aaron not being forth coming. This is all according to Jeff, Kadie’s Dad.

In the meantime time, Sarah and I (Kadie’s sister), went mid morning to go buy some baby clothes for the exciting news of a baby boy! We thought we would surprise Kadie with them but when we went to her house around 12:30, no one was home so we left the bag of clothes on the front door knob.

In the meantime,. Kadie had stopped by her parents house to visit us but we missed each other. Remember her cell phone is broken. Jeff, her father says he saw her pull up to the job site where everyone is there helping Aaron. He talks to her. She asks where Aaron is and tells her Dad she’s going shopping. He said he played with River Lynn a little bit.

Approximately, 6:30 pm as I’m driving to Applebee’s I called Sarah and asked her to send Kadie a fax to call me.
Then at 6:43 pm my phone rings as Im driving back from Applebee’s with my son Jesse in the truck, its Kadie.
She thanks me for the clothes left on the door. Tells me Aaron’s Mom might be calling in as she started returning a call to Aaron’s Mom then saw my fax. Hung up Aaron’s Moms call and called me. I told her I was driving from Applebee’s. She thought i was at Applebee’s and wanted to come there. Told me Aaron was in the shower. I told her no, I’m not there i had called in an order and was driving back home. We discussed a few other things and I told her I better go because I was driving and it had started raining and dark out. Told her “Love you!” ( Last time, Id ever get to speak to her on this side of Heaven)

Back at home, we ate dinner and went to sleep. Until Jeff and I were woken up by a phone call at 1:44 am by Kadie’s husband Aaron Robert Major. Kadie’s Dad answer and Aaron said, ” I need to come in and talk to you about something”
HE NEVER ASKED, HAVE YOU HEARD FROM KADIE? IS KADIE THERE? HAS KADIE CALLED YOU? That is one of many, many things that haunted us every day from then on… We were a very close family. But we had no reason to think Aaron would lie.
He came inside our house with this story that Kadie thought someone was going to kill her and she left when he was in the shower. Then wanted to talk about stuff like our government blew up the twin towers and religious conspiracy. But he let us think she went to a hotel. He convinced me not to call the police. I knew Aaron for 10 years, i trusted him.

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