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Kadie Major Part 3

“The last 48 Hours”

Little did we know at this time approximately 2:30/ 3:00 am that before noon, on January 17th, 2008, we would all receive the news that Kadie and River Lynn would be found deceased, less than a mile from our home. We now are certain Aaron knew when he showed up here at 1:44 am… that their lifeless bodies laid, not far away! One of many things that terrorize me as a parent, did Kadie scream for my help … Or was she placed their dead already. Many nights, to many to count and still now, i lay wondering with that fear, and dread, if only I could have known to help save them!

So continuing on and summarizing the events…

Another thing that stays in my mind is Aaron sat so calmly. Had one hand cupped over the other hand. We asked what do you mean Kadie went to a hotel? I’m pulling my hair asking, does she have her glasses. Aaron says No! I’m like she won’t drive without her glasses at night. Never, and not before River Lynn and especially not with River in the vehicle!!!

Eventually, Aaron left, summarizing, and I had him go with me in my vehicle, first thing am to check local hotels.

As, I’m driving searching intently, and driving through hotel parking lots, I’m noticing, Aaron is not looking. I’m asking myself, why is he not looking for her vehicle?

I noticed several odd things with him favoring his right hand. I was driving him around at one point. When he got in the truck and closed the door with his right hand, he said, “ouch!” And then at another point, he held his right hand up, and, I’m saying to myself, oh, my God, WHY does his hand look all swollen? And then minutes later when he opened the truck door, as he was sitting in the passenger side to get out, he reached over himself and opened the door with his left hand. All this stays burned in your mind.

We got in separate vehicles. He’s supposed to go search hotels in Summerville. Im headed to search hotels in Goose Creek and North Charleston. Its now approximately 10:30 am.

I got a call from Aaron, that he’s now going to Columbia to look for them. Doesn’t go check hotels in Summerville. This made no sense. Kadie has never been to Columbia. But nothing was making sense since he showed up at 1:44 am.

Then i get another call from Aaron, at 11:31 am. Telling me that i need to go to Oakley Rd. That a train hit a vehicle and two people are dead. I went. Im looking for a train. No train. I look for a wrecked vehicle. Nope. No emergency vehicles. I see a few unmarked vehicles, I knew something had happened but didn’t look like no train hit a vehicle. I keep driving because im now headed to the police department. I didn’t care anymore about Aaron not wanting me to call the police.



I drive over the railroad tracks and keep going. And I see what looks like Kadie’s vehicle. Im frantic like, No, why would her vehicle be here.

It’s her vehicle, i fall to my knees!

I called Aaron first,. I told him, i found Kadie’s truck. He didn’t ask no questions. Just said, i know, i know, i just heard on the radio that a woman and small child were killed. Never asked no questions. And wanted off the phone. So he is the one who told me they were dead. But asks no questions!

He calls back and wants to know what the police are doing. Again, never asks what am I witnessing?

I ended up being surrounded by police and was told, they were deceased.

The question is how did Aaron know to send me to Oakley Rd? No street was ever announced on the radio or TV. Only that two people died in BERKELEY COUNTY. Why do you think he was headed to Columbia?
Do you think he would want to face this himself and have to shake hands with the police with a broken right hand?

That might be one reason, he panicked and sent me to a location, he should have not known about. The old cops wouldn’t listen to me for some reason?? The new task force is listening and now investigating everything!!! There is No Perfect Murder (s). Please continue to pray for truth…

I will continue writing more about the next several days and all the odd behavior, Kadie’s husband Aaron and his parents David and Rahnda Major did, as we (Kadie and River Lynn’s maternal family) are all trying to comprehend this senseless loss of our dearly loved and treasured daughter and grandchildren…

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