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kadie major investigation

Kadie Major Part 4

The next several days

Still on Oakley Road… I was surrounded by several police officers. Right in front of my face was Captain Ric Ollic.

His first question was,
“Who sent you here?” I said, Kadie’s husband, Aaron Major!

He then asked, ” Where is he?” I told him, “headed to Columbia.” I remember some officers hurried away when i said that and left in their police cars.

Then he had me call Aaron and tell him to go to my house. Which I did. Aaron asked no questions, again, about Kadie and River.

Then he asked me, “is there any one Kadie is afraid of?” I immediately said “yes, Aaron’s mother, Rahnda Major.”

One of many examples of Kadie and Rahnda’s rocky relationship.

Kadie had told me that she was meeting Rahnda Major at Kmart in North Charleston on Wednesday afternoons because Rahnda wanted River Lynn one day a week. Kadie told me she was meeting Rahnda there because she didn’t want to be alone at her house with Aaron’s mother. So she agreed to meet Rahnda Major at Kmart in a public place and let her have River Lynn from approximately 1:00 – 5:00 pm.

Kadie told me she goes and does some shopping while Rahnda has River Lynn and then meets her back at Kmart. To this day 11 years later, I do not know if Kadie met Rahanda Major at Kmart on the Wednesday, January 16th, 2008. Because there is no statement in the file from her that i am aware of.

And to this day, what I believe, she still has not answered detective questions. If she has agreed to be questioned, hopefully she will correct me.

Back to the scene on Oakley Road where Kadie’s truck was found.

After a few questions, Captain Ollic had me get in a police car and I was driven home. I know Coroner Salisbury and Captain Ollic were here and other officers. Other family members were showing up, going crazy with grief, Kadie’s father being one of them.

The next thing I knew, the Coroner and Captain were taking Aaron out of my house. He had come in and sat on my couch just feet away from where I was standing. Aaron, never came to me to ask me what did I know. What happened? Is Kadie’s truck badly damaged? Nothing!!! Not a word to nobody. I didn’t even know he was there. He just sat there quietly on the couch.

They took Aaron away, to question him and get a statement. One of the detectives wrote the statement for him because he was to upset. I personally believe his hand was broken and he could not write the statement.

In the meantime time, his parents show up in the driveway at Kadie’s parents house, and they also ask no questions. Just wanted to know where Aaron is.

Then the next day, Friday, January 18th, 2008, I received a phone call from Rahnda Major, which was to be the beginning of severing our cordual relationship.

A few of the several things she called to talk to me about was that Aaron wanted a private graveside funeral. Only Aaron would be allowed to be there at the graveside funeral no public nor family nor friends, Just Aaron.

She also informed me that she had talked to Pastor Fritz (Young) and that he told her that we do not have to answer the detective’s questions. She also told me not to tell the detectives what Aaron is talking about. The religious and government conspiracy theories. She also said Vicky don’t tell the detectives what he is saying because we don’t want the detectives to think that they are religious fanatics. And then she said, but this stuff is true, Vicky.

So about 12 hours of finding out her pregnant daughter-in-law and granddaughter were found deceased, she’s advising me not to answer the detective’s questions.

Of course we were answering all the questions the Detectives wanted to ask us…

I don’t know if Pastor Fritz Young gave her that advice for sure or not. I had never heard of him before this phone call from Aaron’s Mother Rahnda.

Hopefully that will all come out in this search for truth and justice for Kadie and her babies.

I will write more … Concerning the next few days leading up to the funeral…

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And thank you for all your prayers and support! God Bless!

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