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Kadie Major Part 5

10 year old case was reopened as a death investigation by BCSO. The case was originally ruled a suicide. It was announced at the press conference this past September 6th that Aaron Robert Major is now a person of interested.

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By Vicky Hall part (5)
Continuing the “Next Several Days”

Another thing Rahnda Major told me in that phone call Friday morning, was that they were going to to be bury them in Wagner, South Carolina. Hours from Charleston, at a family plot they already owned and that’s where the private graveside service for only Aaron would be.

I’m like “What”?? These are my precious loved ones. Why so inconsiderate? I wasn’t asked my opinion, i was being told how things were going to be.

So Kadie’s Father and I drove over to Kadie and Aaron’s house where Aaron and his parents were.

We went in and at first Aaron would not talk. Would not look at us. Just looked down. I tried asking him questions about this private graveside service. He wouldn’t talk or look up.

Summarizing, after his Mom physically put her hands on me Aaron decided to talk. We were only there a few minutes when Coroner Bill Salisbury called Aaron or one of his parents and said he was on his way over.

While waiting for the Coroner to arrive, i decided, im going up stairs to look around. I went upstairs to River Lynn’s room and was grieving standing at her crib when Aaron walked in. He looks at me with a real strange look on his face, no emotions of sadness or grief and says, ” Isn’t it odd that Kadie thought someone was going to kill her and someone did.”

I’ll never forget the emotionless statement. No emotions standing at his now dead daughters crib.

I looked around the master bedroom next, Aaron following me and im summarizing. I said to Aaron, “I thought you said, there was not a fight.” Why are Kadie’s clothes pulled all out of her drawers. It clearly looked like someone was packing to leave in the bathroom too.

He said, I just did that looking for something to bury her in. We know that was a lie, is all I can say

We go downstairs and Coroner Bill Salisbury walks in with two detectives following. He immediately announces he believes Kadie committed suicide and had post pardem depression. No mention of how River Lynn died.

Aaron and his parents jump on board and agree. Jeff and I, (Kadie’s parents) are like “what?” Were the autopsies even finished? They were started at 9:00 am this same morning.

Just minutes prior Aaron made the statement to me isn’t it odd that Kadie thought someone was going to kill her and someone did, and now he’s agreeing with the Coroner that she committed suicide. What about River Lynn, how did she die?

I can say Kadie’s father, Jeff, and I were speechless. Shocked at what the Coroner was saying, shocked that Aaron and his parents were agreeing with him.

At the Coroner’s suggestion and leading, we ended up with an appointment at Dial Murray Funeral Home for the next day Saturday. I will pick up here, on my next post. Watch video below this post for more information.

Thank you for your prayers and support on this journey for Truth and Justice for Kadie and her babies and for all who knew them and loved them.

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Social media photo, of Aaron and his parents.

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