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Kadie Major Part 6

Before I start in on the next day, Saturday, at the funeral home, I’d like to make a comment about the case’s progress. The BCSO and the cold case team is only the first half of the process to obtain justice. And they are doing an outstanding job! The other half of the process for truth and justice is our Prosecutors. The investigating team can do an outstanding job but if you don’t have prosecutor’s willing to do circumstantial cases its all in vain. Everyone is over worked and overloaded but this was the loss of three innocent lives. We need a prosecutor willing to roll up their sleeves and dig in as much as this cold case team has in BCSO lead by Lt. Detective Dean Kokinda. I’ve been told through the community that our local prosecutor’s do not take circumstantial cases. I just have to wonder if this was their daughter and grandchildren, would they be willing to prosecute? Not all cases have a confession or the video tape of the murder. The cases without the above need to get tried as well especially when you have a STRONG circumstantial case. Your input is very welcome on this matter. And please correct me if Im wrong.

Continuing, Saturday, January 19th, 2008.

Both families
meet at Dial Murray Funeral home and are seated at large round table.

Present includes Jeff and I, (Kadie’s parents) Shelly Cooper, the funeral director, Aaron, his parents, David and Rahnda Major, his sister Aimee Steinberger.

Everything is going well as far as answering questions. Getting all the legal names correct in the families when Shelly receives a phone call.

She takes the call sitting in front of us all, hangs up and announces that was the Coroner and he called to say he has the exact time of death on Kadie.

I look at Aaron and He looks like he had just seen a ghost. He turns pale white. He can’t answer any more questions.

Shelly asks him what is Kadie’s date of birth? He doesn’t know. Then asks him what is their unborn sons name going to be? Doesn’t know. He seems to be way off somewhere in his thoughts.

He answered all the questions fine up to this point before the phone call from the Coroner. Even some how remembers he had accidentally checked a box and has 10,000 worth of life insurance on River Lynn. Hmmm??

He gets up and leaves the room and his father follows. So the rest of us stay in there and finish the paperwork.

Shelly then directs Jeff, myself and Aaron’s sister Aimee into the coffin room to pick out coffins. Aaron’s Mom stays in the adjoining conference room with Shelly.

Just so horrific emotionally walking into a room full of coffins, especially for this situation.

Aaron walks in minutes later and lays on the floor and spins around on his stomach on the floor in a clockwise circle.

Next, his father announces, before he even finishes walking through the threshold of the door to enter the room that Oh, I guess, Aaron broke his hand and sits on him.

Now, Jeff and are like WOW!!! They are playing out an act to explain his injured hand. The only problem is Aaron didn’t play out his part correctly. He did NOT punch a wall. It was all an act gone wrong.

His parents later tell us they are taking Aaron to the emergency room. Where its later discovered he has a broken hand and a concussion. And all this was supposively done right their in front of Kadie’s father and I.

I can tell you nope did not happen that way.

The Majors allow us to go pick out the cemetery plot as they all left for the emergency room. That ended up being a good thing as painful as it was because Jeff and I took our time with this horrific task and found a beautiful spot under a large oak.

I believe something with the Coroner calling Shelly with the exact time of death really worried Aaron!

My next post will go back in time summarizing Kadie and Aaron meeting, dating, marriage and their first child, River Lynn. Then I will continue posting more about the next several days….

Thank you again so much for your prayers and support! Keep the prayers, that Aaron and his parents will go and answer the Detective’s questions about them last few hours of our supposed to be mutual LOVED one’s lives.

If you or someone else you know has any information please call Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office Hotline 843 719 7700
God bless!

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