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Kadie Major Part 7

At the time of Kadie’s murder, her and Aaron had been together over 9 years. Dated for 5 years and married for 4 years.

Kadie and Aaron first met at Northwood Academy (North Charleston) in Highschool. Aaron was known to be the new cute freshman student who road dirt bikes. Kadie was a senior. Aaron had been held back a year and he was two years younger.

Aaron came from a private school West Ashley, possibly Country Day. The story, according to his parents, was that an ex- girlfriend was obsessed with Aaron and that was the reason for changing schools to another area. I don’t recall Aaron ever saying this, only his parents telling me this story.

They just seemed to hit it off immediately. They would be on the phone talking for hours. Aaron’s parents would have Kadie over for dinner and vice versa with us.

Kadie rode horses and worked at Family Christian Book Store. So her free time was limited. And Aaron road dirt bikes and liked to fish.

They became like best friends. Kadie would go fishing with Aaron alot in her free time.

As the time went on Aaron spent alot of time at our house. We also had a lake house on Lake Moultrie where we would go every weekend and hang out with our children, their friends. Eat, fish and sleep. Aaron loved hanging out with us.

He absolutely became like a son to us. He was always quiet. We knew there was some issues with his Mom in particular wanting to be very controlling.

Aaron’s Mom would also tell Kadie that she was like the daughter she always wanted. Aaron has an older sister but apparently that was an estranged relationship because of Aimee refusing to let Rahnda control her.

When Aaron graduated it was know that he had to go to Clemson University. His parents told him if he didn’t go they would disown him and have nothing to do with him, according to what Kadie and Aaron told me. Aaron seemed lost on what he wanted to go to college for. I had many conversations with him about this.

Kadie went to Trident Tech and worked at Family Christian Book Store in Northwoods Mall for a total of 5 years.

Kadie and Aaron decided they didn’t want to be apart with Aaron away at college and got married the summer before he was to leave for college. They moved up to the Greenville area in August, 2003. We all knew this wasn’t making his parents very happy. His parents had married later in life and they thought that’s what Kadie and Aaron should do.

In January, 2004, I received a quite shocking phone call from Kadie. She called upset, telling me Mom, i don’t even know who Aaron is any more. He’s depressed. Doesn’t want to go to school.

I told her it may be because he was made to go to college by his parents. And for them to come home first chance they could and let’s talk together with Aaron. They came and I sat and talked with them. It was decided that college was not for Aaron and he wanted to work for Kadie’s Father painting apartments.

They moved back. And Aaron started working for Jeff. They bought a house.

It’s a very profitable business. Aaron and Kadie started subcontracting work from her Dad.

They found out Kadie was pregnant 2006. A planned pregnancy. River Lynn was born March 30th, 2007.

Kadie became pregnant again in October with Aadon. She definitely wanted a large family.

The relationship with Aaron, Kadie and his parents had grown to be more and more estranged. Always seemed to be due to Rahnda’s wanting to control everything in their lives.

I know Aaron’s parents thought they should wait much, much longer to have children.

Kadie was 26 and Aaron 24 when there lives together ended….

I will fill in some more details at a later time.

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