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Kadie Major Part 8

Just a short message. Still no word from Aaron Major or his parents, David and Rahnda Major.

Nothing offered to help find out what really happened since the BCSO has now determined it was not a suicide, that I am aware of.

Aaron Major messaged a family member of mine early 2018, once he was aware that CBS 48 Hours was serious about investigating the case, saying he would sue me if I dragged his good name through the mud.

So I’m waiting for him to file a law suit. He has to prove that I’m lying. If I’m lying about anything please prove me wrong. And I am not.

Same with his parents. If I’m mistaken and they have a statement on record, (co-operating), please correct me. If Rahnda Major was not the last phone call that night please correct me.

If he files a lawsuit against me, he will have to prove me wrong. He will have to talk. This is TRUTH and JUSTICE for his wife, daughter and unborn son. I’m just waiting for papers. Ill definitely post it on this page if I receive them.

Ill be picking up the story where I left off on part (6) at the funeral home (January 19th, 2008) soon….

Please share, like and follow page. Call BCSO hotline (843) 719-7700 with any information you can provide on the case.

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