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Kadie Major Part 9

Let me back up on this …
Why was Aaron Major’s Mom insisting on keeping River Lynn overnight. Why was she arguing with Kadie on the phone when Kadie so excitedly called to tell her she was having a boy?

What I know is Rahnda Major had given Kadie and Aaron a trip to Highlands at Christmas time as a Christmas gift. She had made all the arrangements. Hotel room paid, dates set, and she was keeping River Lynn.

Kadie told me Rahnda wanted Kadie and Aaron to go spend some time alone before their second baby comes along. Kadie’s due date was June 2nd, 2008.

They were supposed to leave the morning of Thursday, January 17th, 2008. The same day their deceased bodies were found just down the railroad tracks behind Kadie’s parents home about a 1/2 mile in a very desolated area.

I (Kadie’s Mom) was standing right next to Kadie as she used my phone to call Rahnda Major to tell her she would be having a grandson. As you may remember, Rahnda’s response was, Oh, i was hoping for another girl.

Then the conversation started about the trip scheduled for Thursday. Kadie was telling Rahnda that she was not going on the trip. That it will have to be rescheduled. Kadie told Rahnda Major that she was staying to vote. She told her she didn’t realize she would have to miss voting. She also told her she thought the voting was going to be on Tuesday the 15th. The primary election for South Carolina was held Saturday, January 19th, 2008. Kadie never did get to vote.

Rahnda was not taking the “No we are not going on the trip.” Started arguing with Kadie insisting they go. She told Kadie I already have the crib.

I made a hand signal for Kadie to just get off the phone. Tell her your Mom needs her phone. I told Kadie we are not going to let Rahnda ruin our excitement about having a baby boy.

Kadie got off the phone with Rahnda and called her Dad who was back at the farm doing tractor work.

So her Dad came up and as Sarah and I were getting River Lynn packed up. Kadie and her Dad talked. They were talking about the election too. Jeff told Kadie he was gonna vote for John McCain and Kadie told her Dad she was voting for Fred Thompson. She told her Dad she felt that Thompson had a better voting record on matters important to her.

This was in the same conversation she talked to her Dad about the concerns she had about Aaron being stressed out.

So what I thought was a cancelled trip to the Highlands area upstate SC…. Did Rahnda Major take, “No, we are not going?” Or did she continue to insist they go as I over heard her doing? Arguing with Kadie. Was there to be more to this trip to the mountains in January?

Rahnda and David Major can easily clear this up by giving a statement of their whereabouts. If they have already done this, please correct me.

As I write this, I wonder if Aaron called his parents excited telling them he would be having a son? His phone wasn’t broken.

I believe the answers lay with the silent ones, David, Rahnda, Aaron Major. If you know them,. Please ask them some questions…

Please go to page for more information on $25,000 reward, news articles on case and to read parts 1-8. Please help share and get this into the right hands.

If you have information please call BCSO hotline… 843 719 7700

Social media photo of Aaron and his parents, David and Rahnda Major. And Aaron, Kadie and River Lynn Major for her baptism.

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