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Statement from Vicky Hall

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Statement from Vicky Hall (Mother of Kadie Major): September 6, 2018:

“I’d like to thank the Berkeley County Sherriff’s Office and Sheriff Duane Lewis for his ability to run a force with integrity. There are no words to describe my thanks to the cold case team led by Lieutenant Dean Kokinda, Detective Darrell Lewis and Detective Kevin Murphy. It has been night and day from 10 years ago trying to get questions answered in my daughter’s case.”

“I would also like to send my thanks to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) and Charleston County Sheriff’s Office. Thank you for all you are doing to bring justice in this case.”
“I want to thank CBS News 48 Hours, and especially producers Ryan N. Smith and Liza Finley for their unmovable support in finding truth in this case. Nothing has, nor will, budge them from their search. Without them we would not be here today.”
“I want to thank several of you who have spent so many hours going over the case with me. I won’t mention names at this time. I want to thank so many, MANY others for your support, your prayers for me and my family over this past decade. It has been a very difficult 10 years for my family, myself and everyone who loved Kadie, River Lynn and Aadon (Kadie’s unborn son), since their murders. I especially want to thank the Lord for sending each and every one of you who has helped us. You are all sent from Heaven.”

“There is not a day that goes by that our hearts don’t ache so very deeply for Kadie, River Lynn and Aadon.”

“Kadie was 26 years old at time of her murder. She was pregnant with a baby boy, mother of 9-month-old River Lynn, and the wife of Aaron Robert Major for 4 years.”
“Kadie LOVED LIFE, she loved being a wife, she loved being a mother. She wanted a large family. She loved cooking. She loved her family. She loved working in her yard. She loved flowers. She loved horses and the family farm. She loved her dad, her mom and her three siblings. Her siblings called her Sissy, as she was the oldest child and always looked after them. Even though married with her own family she always kept close to her siblings Jeremy, Jesse and Sarah. She especially close to her immediate family and we would see her at least 3-4 times a week.”
“Kadie had great compassion for others. She was very giving always reaching out to help anybody in need. And she loved God and had strong faith.”
“River Lynn Major was our first grandchild who we so very adored. She was so precious and we cherish all the memories we have of her and her beautiful smile.”

“This is not a case of suicide. This is a case of murder. I believe the evidence shows that Kadie’s husband, Aaron Robert Major, killed his wife, infant daughter and unborn son. I believe that evidence also shows that Aaron Major covered up his horrendous crime with the help of family members and others in the community. A totally incompetent investigation, at the time, which led to a cover up, has enabled Aaron Major, so far, to get away with his crimes for the past decade.”

“At the time of my daughter’s murder, we also lost a son that night too. A son we loved. Unfortunately, that son, Aaron Major, hired a lawyer almost immediately after his family’s deaths and has not been willing to answer questions or take a lie detector test. Aaron and his whole family have been completely elusive when it comes to answering questions to Kadie’s family or the Berkeley County Sherriff’s detectives.”

“When 2 + 2 doesn’t (and won’t) equal 4 in a case, something is wrong!”

“Questions need to be asked of Aaron Robert Major and his parents Rahnda and David Major.”

“How did Aaron Major’s hand get broken the night of January 16, 2008, the same night as the deaths of his entire family, (as I have evidence that it was)?”

“Aaron Major sent me to the remote crime scene to find my daughter’s body, as he skipped out of town, the morning after their deaths. How would he know where to send me to unless he was there when they died? (Police had not yet made public the news of their location.)”

“I’m asking that the media and the public please ask these people some questions. What evidence do Bill Salisbury and Rick Ollic stand on that this murder was a suicide? I tried for over a decade to get answers from them on their original ruling of a suicide. Would it have of taken A LOT more work to prove Aaron Major murder his family at the time? Or was it easier to rule it as suicide and call it a day?”

“How did Aaron Major break his hand that evening—AND get a concussion? How could he know to send me to where their bodies were found?”

“The lies and rumors stop here today. There are no words for the injustice done here 10 years ago, especially for Kadie. A thorough investigation started earlier this year and no stone is going unturned. This new administration is not afraid of hard work and is only after the truth. It is time to bring justice for the murders of Kadie, River and Aadon.”

“I promised Kadie I will not stop until justice is served and I will not. Justice needs to be served. Aaron and the previous officials in this case perhaps never thought I would get help and I was at their mercy, but I have kept my faith and many MANY people prayed for truth and justice, and the Lord has heard our pleas.”

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